Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clearing Counter Clutter

Well that's fairly catchy if I do say so myself.  A bit of a tongue twister!  As I tidied up from breakfast I came back into the kitchen and this is what I saw.
It's not horrendous I know but the area pictured is my only counter-top workspace in the kitchen aside from our island.  I realized that not only were the counters unsightly and cluttered but a very large portion of space was being taken up.  I immediately set out to organize and store away items in a still convenient location just not in plain sight.  I was very pleased with my results.
So pleased in fact.... that I spent the remainder of my day sorting clearing and cleaning all the surfaces in the kitchen.  I am happy to say I am down to a very small miscellaneous pile to be finished in the morning and I am left with very wonderful clutter free counter tops in the kitchen!  As I head off to bed I do so with a huge sense of satisfaction because so much was accomplished today.  Good night :)


Donna said...

I loove trying to find ways to tidy up clutter! Yesterday we finished painting the trim around out windows in the kitchen,and I spent some time trying to put things back in a way that created more space. It's like a puzzle,isn't it? It feels great when it's all put together!

prairieharmony said...

Oh painting the trim makes such a difference! Even though it seems like a small project it has such an impact and the room just seems brighter and cheery. Probably because I am always glancing out of the windows but I think that is a great project. Fitting all the things moved... yes lol it is very much like a puzzle and I'm so happy when it is all fitted back into place and carefully arranged. It is so satisfying and looks so nice :)