Friday, September 7, 2012

Major Garage Sale Day

This morning after getting the kids off to school I set out to go to many garage sales.  In our area we are having a 100 mile garage sale.  I have been really taking to heart my decision to be patient in our house search and even accept that we might stay here!  Shock I know!  Anyway, I had in my mind that I would like to find a few things to help organize my art space and just enjoy meandering about.  First of all I have to say this, when you are no longer shopping to fill a void it's amazing how uninteresting things are! lol  It's amazing to me how much each sale looked like the others too.  Same stuff different sale and various conditions. After shopping all day long and I do mean all day... I returned home with three items.  Let me assure you that is some sort of record!  I found a wonderful old jar to store my art supplies in.  I have decided to use jars so that things are tidy and put away yet I can see what is inside.  I found a hanger for our dd's pictures and an old antique hand held clothing washer plunger.  I'll post a pic of it later.  I plan on setting it beside the Hoosier in the dinning room.  The washer is something I have been wanting for a long time and so that was a nice surprise for me! The picture holder was another item I have been looking for for a while as well.  So I feel pretty pleased with what I found but most of all I enjoyed the drive.  I went down a few roads I had never been down before and saw scenery I had never had the opportunity to see and met people from all over today.  I enjoyed the later two the most. I couldn't help but take a picture to share and enjoy from my journey today!  Have a wonderful weekend.


Donna said...

It's great when you stumble across something you've been looking for,isn't it?
Who could not love a l00 mile yard sale? And judging by your photo,what a lovely drive it must have been.

Congrats on your finds!

prairieharmony said...

Yes, the drive was beautiful and the weather was in perfect cooperation. I couldn't have asked for a better day :)