Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

 Today in our home we have been remembering 9/11.  Our DD's have learned about it from us over the years and what a national tragedy it is.  They are also learning about this devastation in History class at school.  It is surreal that it has been eleven years ago today that terrorist attacked the United States and I am still deeply saddened  at the loss of lives.

It might seem odd, but I  have placed a link to a U-Tube video of a commercial for Budweiser.  The moment I saw it years ago, I knew it summed up exactly how I felt watching from afar wishing like all American's that we could lend a hand physically and help those that needed it only to know we would be in the way.  As I held my then toddler and infant daughters the tears fell freely as I watched the horrifying events unfold on my television and felt along with my fellow American's gripping despair and sorrow as I heard the chirping of the firefighters helmets among the rubble and the reality of the situation hit home.  The unthinkable had happened on American soil and I sent my deepest heartfelt respects along with prayers of hope and encouragement and compassion.

The Budweiser family only aired this commercial once so not to profit but to show their deepest respects to a nation in pain.

We will never forget.

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