Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Inspiration Time!

Last nights dinner.... creamy potato soup with chives and Kielbasa hmmm delish!
 The sort of meal that warms the body and the soul!  I was just in the mood for a meal such as this.  I am looking for inspiration for my sewing room/art area lets just say studio that sums it up.  We have a wonderful office /sewing area but I really want a space that I can go in and close the door, create and leave out what I am working on.  My dh the angel that he is handed over the entire study for me to make into my studio.  It is such a blessing and I have been excited but stuck at the same time.  I am such a perfectionist and I have this "perfect" room in my head....and it is of course nothing that remotely works in this house lol.  The room that I am using is a high traffic area as it's also the main walk way to the only bathroom.  So no door to shut.  In the spirit of making this house work for us and concurring the must move or life won't be good poor me attitude.  I am pouring over multiple websites and studio pictures and searching for both inspiration and solutions for this space.  I'm putting on my can do attitude and I am excited to find solutions and I have also learned a lot about what is inspiring for me creatively.  Always keep an open mind!  I am learning a lot about myself which is good!!!  Never stop learning ever.
And in the spirit of blooming where you are planted..... How is this!?!?!?!  We have literally  thousands of these beautiful wild sunflowers blooming all over the place thanks to the much needed rain last week, and I am so happy that the mowing crew didn't mow them all over.  They are so cheerful and I love seeing them where you don't typically see flowers.  It makes me feel so happy and cheered.  It represents how I would like to be seen myself.  I would like to positively effect others through my willingness to bloom here where I am planted and created and share and help others around me whether I am in my "perfect" environment or not I can still thrive and grow and share joy and bless others!  That is what life is truly about.  This bloom was a subtle reminder to get going on it!!!   Wishing you a day of discovery. :)


Donna said...

Having a space to decorate is challenging. It always takes me a while to figure out what I what and how I want it (and until recently,procrastinating about it!) I too,go through magazines or websites to get ideas. Good luck!

prairieharmony said...

I agree! I think and rethink and thumb through books and magazines and pour over internet ideas. Sometimes the most beautiful are the least functional for what I need and it's back to the drawing board lol.