Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Day of Errands

Most of our day was again taken up with errands.  Exhausting though it was we managed a return visit to the restaurant we first visited yesterday to try more items on their menu.  I have a correction, it is not a Greek restaurant, it is Lebanese.  It  is very delicious and we again enjoyed a quiet lunch together.  It's definitely our new favorite place when in the city.

Upon returning home we are both exhausted so decided to wait until my DH's next day off for the big install.  I will work on more de-cluttering  and cleaning.  There is a lot that I can be doing until we are able to work on this project construction wise.  To be honest it's actually a blessing in disguise.  Do not get me wrong I am very excited to start this but was thinking to myself today that I wish I had gotten more  sorting and cleaning done before we started working so we do not have so much  to work around..... wish granted :)

I wanted to close by sharing this beautiful Brown Eyed Susan that my daughter brought inside for me yesterday.  I laid it on some old wood to take this picture and love the way it turned out.  Enjoy!

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