Sunday, September 23, 2012

Evening Outing and Old Seed Packets

I shared an evening out with my oldest DD and we had a wonderful time.  I really miss my children now that school is back in session and treasure the moments together with them listening to them talk about what interests them which changes quickly these days.  I like to listen to them talk about life and their perspective on things.  Children see things in life around us totally different.  They have a completely different take on things and it is refreshing and eye opening to take the time to listen to them.  I learn and relearn from their uncluttered minds.  Our minds with age and time can become cluttered and their little minds are fresh and new and they see life very clearly, they have usually three important things family, friends and school that are in focus.  I wish I had that same focus, I usually have millions of idea's floating around in my mind!
Late last week after a lunch date with friends, a couple of us went to a nearby flea market and I  found a couple of glass jars for my sewing/crafts area.  This one in particular was filled with 1950's era seed packets.  Some printed in color and some not.  I enjoyed pulling them out and reading them front and back.  Some of the pictures like the packet on the top is actually a painting or drawing printed on the package.  Now we see a lot of actual photo's of the flowers and fruits and vegetables on our seed packets.  I really enjoy things from years gone by and wanted to share these with you as well.  The friend I was shopping with wondered if any would germinate.  I wonder too, I am guessing they won't due to age and unknown conditions over the years but who knows?  It's worth a try next spring :)

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