Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clean Garage Restored Normality

You might remember this horrid garage photo from last week.  I am so happy this chore is finished!  Before...
 and after...
I took it nice and slow and worked a bit here and there.  There was a LOT to organize and many tools from remodeling to put away.  I feel in a way that the remodeling chapter is now closed.  Yes, the work was finished a while ago, but is a project really over until the mess is cleaned up?  Not really in my book and now it is :)  What a joy it is to come into the garage and be able to quickly locate what I need, use it and have a place to return it to!!!  I feel like I am home!!!  I love it :)

Why am I sharing my dirty garage before and after pictures? Because, I am a normal person with normal messes and I want give encouragement to anyone  else who might open the garage door, peer in, put up their hands in exasperation because they just don't know where to start and shut the door again.  Just pick up that first item the rest is downhill and the rewards are worth it :)

The heat and air repair men came Tuesday afternoon as I was cleaning the garage and fixed the heater!  I was very appreciative and thankful.  They were both very nice.

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