Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pantry Meals

Today one of the things I would like to work on after continuing work in the garage, is taking this
to this..

...meals for our family from ingredients on hand.  I like to plan a menu of what I am going to prepare and gather ingredients accordingly, however I have noticed lately that I have a bit of this and that in my pantry and I'm not exactly sure why I have it or what meal it was intended for that I wasn't able to make or we had a change of plans when it was on the menu to prepare.  Today I would like to pull out recipes and plan my next few weeks of menu's based on what I have on my pantry shelves.  I might need to gather a few additional ingredients to complete the meal.  As we head into winter it is important to have a surplus of food as is any time of the year to ensure our family is well fed and in the event of an emergency we are prepared, but I am afraid that the miscellaneous items in the pantry will get pushed to the back and I do not want to waste.   This will clear the slate in the pantry so to speak and for the most part ingredients that will remain or be put back into the pantry will have an intended purpose that I am aware of :)
My piles of dishcloth's are coming along nicely.  I will weave in the ends while watching a show with my DH when I am finished knitting.  These are intended as gifts for Christmas.  I love the fun colors. :)


Donna said...

Nice dishcloths!

I too,find things in my cabinets once in a while that I can't remember what meal I bought them for. I am trying to be better about that!

prairieharmony said...

Thank you! I am curious to see how many meals I can make from the pantry by only purchasing minimal ingredients if necessary to complete a meal. :)