Monday, October 15, 2012

Toy Box to Blanket Chest

This old chest used to be my toy box when I was really little.  My mom offered it to me on a recent visit and I  decided it would be a good size for all the lap blankets we have in the family room.  Previously I used a very large clothes basket as a temporary solution until I could find a big enough basket or some other container.  I really did not like the clothes basket in the family room because for some reason I always felt like it looked like I had my laundry beside the television :)
 These are old transfers of Holly Hobby that my mom put on the chest.  It is a very rustic chest and I couldn't bring myself to sand them off so I decided to just leave them on.  I don't mind that I will be able to possibly see their outline after I repaint it.  I measured for the center on  three sides and traced around the raised wooden applique' so when the glue was applied to the back side I would know the exact placement of the applique'.
After the glue dried for the applique', I turned the chest and put smaller applique's on the two sides using the same method.  The back would be against a wall so there was no need to apply an applique' there.
Here is the finished chest.  I scrubbed the inside but left it the original mauve color.  I didn't want the blankets to smell like paint and nobody will see the inside except us.  It's a bit "shabby chic" anyway so I don't mind. It is very sturdy as well.  I remember at one point in time this held a large twenty gallon fish tank!  The chest works perfectly as a blanket chest and is fairly full!  It is just what I was looking for and very rewarding as it is a "found" item that was able to be recycled for a new purpose and I like that I am using something from my childhood even though I don't remember it very well as a toy box.   :)

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