Monday, October 1, 2012

Fine Tuning

I hope today was a great Monday for all.  The beginning of the week some dread  because they will be heading back to work after a weekend home relaxing and spending time with family and having fun.  I very much understand that sentiment.  I view my  Monday's a little differently.  Monday is my day to get the house back in order after everyone else in the house goes back to school and work.  I start on my chores and get my menu squared away for the week and double check my ingredients for recipes I have planned.  I go to town on Monday afternoon's and use that chance to get any groceries I may need. Living in a rural area it feels and often we do drive all the time so if I can cut down on any unnecessary trips I do.  It feels good to have everything lined out from the beginning for the week.

Now that we are not doing any "heavy" remodeling which has been our normal for so many years I am appreciating the small projects or what I call fine tuning around our home.  This weekend after we installed the counter tops I realized that the cats needed a place of their very own.  I do not appreciate them laying on my sewing nearly as much as they do :)  They are very well loved but I wanted them to have their own space by a window that they wouldn't get shooed out of.  Soooo  my dh got a shelf and brackets out of the garage and we made them their very own window seat!  I realize having this stuff laying about in the garage is not realistic for everyone but please remember we have been remodeling for oh lets see about 10-11 yrs. off and on between two houses so we have a lot of things in the garage.  Another "normal" for us until we clean out the garage...

Back to the cats.  Here is the before:
And the after:
They really love it as they are able to look out of both windows.  Most of the time one of them will also lay on the Hoosier and look out the window as well.  The orange cat on the "window seat" is Nigel and the stretching kitty is Tinee.  Of course they rule the roost!   It feels so good to get little projects done and fine tune our lives here.  I feel like we are just moving in eight years later.  These are little things we would have done as we thought of them a long time ago had we not been doing a complete and total overhaul.  What a joy to be at this point in our home.
My wonderful mom was visiting this weekend and I am so glad that she looked at yarn with me.  I wanted to make her some dishcloths for her kitchen and she picked this buttery yellow.  The picture makes is look crayon yellow.  I was going for a Burgundy so I was very happy that she picked the color, I was way off lol.  I sent three home with her and will finish up this and two more to bring when I visit her.  What a wonderful weekend we had with her visiting and of course we went to our local quilt shop as well! ahhhhh so much fun fabric therapy!!! :)


Donna said...

I love the cat window seat! My cat Little O likes to sit on my crocheting project while I'm working on it :)

Good for you getting to the fine tuning stage. That is fun!

prairieharmony said...

Thank you! I'm sure they are both thinking "finally, they are getting the work done around here that WE need". lol

Sue xx said...

What a clever idea...they do like to window gaze don't they?

prairieharmony said...

Thank you Sue, yes they clamber for the windows constantly :)