Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Liesurely Tuesday

I just love this cow munching away in the tree's.  We were stopped at a train crossing for a few moments and I just had to snap this picture.  He watched us for a little while and then went right back to his snack.
 This is a sweet gum tree outside my front porch and every morning the leaves are turning a little more.  This morning I noticed quite a bit more red mixed in with the yellow's.  I am really enjoying  the fall we are having.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I am savoring every moment!
This is our buddy Nigel at his finest :)  He is fully enjoying his nap next to the warm lap top on a velour blanket.  I always think it is so comical when they are asleep with their legs extended.
Today the cats piled in with us and slept, while we watched movies as I picked all the paper out of the paper pieced crazy quilt for the benefit.  It took the better part of ten hours!!!  I am most certain that I have seen water soluble paper for paper piecing and vow to never again do another paper pieced quilt unless I use it. lol  Oh my goodness what a labor of love :)  Yesterday I was able to purchase the backing and binding fabric for the quilt both primary colors so they do not compete with the top.  I hope to  have the quilt basted and hopefully get some quilting started tomorrow.  I'm excited!!!  :)


Sue xx said...

I can't wait to see the finished's beautiful so far. One for yourself next perhaps?

prairieharmony said...

Thank you Sue, I can't wait to show everyone when it is finished and most of all I'm so excited to give it to the benefit! :)

Little Home In The Country said...

Your Nigel is a lot like our Squeaker :) He sleeps in the same position! I am dying to see that quilt finished... it's so gorgeous.