Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day

Today in America we are honoring our veterans and military men and women.   The freedom's we enjoy were hard earned and are protected by our military and I am sincerely thankful and grateful for their service.

I have been working to finish up a large bundle of dishcloths I am knitting for my dad's birthday which is tomorrow.  I am planning on baking a pound cake and making potato soup for dinner.  He brought me several pounds of potatoes late last week and I promised him some delicious potato soup.  I think it will freeze beautifully and he can just thaw small portions when he wishes for a lovely meal.  I am so blessed and thankful to have my dad nearby.  He has been such a wonderful help with our daughters growing up.  He is an amazing grandfather and the most wonderful father a person could ask for.  He moved here to be close to us after we had to relocate away from all of our family for our employment.  I could never thank him enough for caring so much to relocate as well to be near our family.  We love him very much.

I just finished watching Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm again.  I never tire of watching these series.  It is soothing and reminds me how much we can still remove our selves from commercial goods and how much we can still learn so many skills and improve on what we are able to do at home.  I know I still have a lifetime of learning to do but hope in time the slow  transition of feeling like I can't make what I need at home in terms of store bought merchandise like canned foods, quick foods etc. to feeling like I know how to make these items or have even replaced the need or desire for these items. The ability to grow and preserve my own food will replace my dependency on the supermarket to purchase canned items.   I continue to take it slow and am assuredly replacing things a few items at a time.  This path is not for everyone but for me it is the absolutely most rewarding part of being home.  Learning how to do more at home and consume less commercially.  I will never be able to be completely self sufficient and that is finally ok with me but I am taking strides to be as independent as I can be.  The feeling of knowing that you can cook food without pre packaged items is freeing.  The panic of not having a store bought gift at birthday's or holiday's are gone because I no longer feel the need to worry if a gift is bought or made.  I prefer made and give made as much as possible depending on the desire of the recipient.   I do not have my head in the sand, I am fully aware that it is not possible to remove ourselves from some consumer items.  I enjoy some items and have no intentions of giving them up.  What I do enjoy is the freedom and independence that I have gained and continue to gain by learning to do things for ourselves.   That feeling is worth every bit of work.

Speaking of work...soon it will be so cold I will not want to be outside at all.  I do not enjoy cold weather at all.  I like the cold season because it gives me a chance to cozy up with a warm cup of tea quilting and sewing but I do not enjoy being outside in it.  I need to get the garden tilled one more time before the weather turns really cold and snowy.  We had some light flury's the dry small kind that you have to look twice to see.  That is a gentle warning that if I intend to get any bit of work done before the real deal I had better roll up my sleeves and get to work or accept that I will be waiting until spring.  I am looking forward to pouring over my gardening books as the cold deepens and making all sorts of plans for the garden. :)


Daphne Bryson said...

Good morning Amy, I think you are doing so well at changing your lifestyle. I really believe the right way is to chip away a little at a time, so that it doesn't feel too daunting. I do not buy any pre-packaged food now. I cook all our meals from scratch, although I have to say, if my husband passes a bakery, the smell of a cooked pie pulls him into the bakery, but like we said it's one step at a time! Take care, Best Wishes Daphne

Donna said...

I will now have to watch Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm.Sounds like what I have been wanting to watch!!

You and I have the same mindset :)

prairieharmony said...

You are doing very well with pre packaged foods Daphne! We are not free of them completely around here but I can feel that we are a leg up and that is a good feeling!

Donna I will post a link to the site I watch them on for anyone wanting to watch. I absolutely love both series and watch them over and over :)