Monday, December 3, 2012

Bread at Last!

For a really long time now one of my goals has been to replace our store bought sandwich bread with home made.  I have tried different delicious breads but for sandwiches they tear or  do not stay together.  I was looking for a certain consistency and texture in the bread.  Store bought bread is very soft and dense without tearing.  I think I have found a great first alternative.

It is so very delicious no matter how you eat it!!!  I am excited to keep experimenting with breads and learn more as I go. For now I am so thankful to have a sandwich bread replacement and cross one more pre made purchase off of my market list :)

As promised I am also including the link for the recipe for Chocolate Chip Scones for Donna ;) I found the recipe on an online recipe site and love them!

I am also including the link to enjoy the BBC series Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm.  I could watch it each and every day.  Ruth is wonderful to learn from in the house and kitchen,  she isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and give things a try.  The "boys" as Ruth calls them are so honest in their endeavors in the outdoors that you learn right along with them whether they succeed or not you learn.  It is a wonderful series and I hope you have time to enjoy as well.  Given the opportunity I would not hesitate to participate in a living history series.  I think it is so fascinating and what a rare and wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a period of history.  I have typed out the link in case for some reason in the future the link is broken you can cut and paste the address.


Donna said...

Thank you Amy!! I am so excited about Victorian Farm. All the links I had tried didn't work :( This one seems to!

Can't wait to give the scones a try :)

Little Home In The Country said...

Well done on the bread! I can remember VERY well the satisfaction of FINALLY mastering our family bread on a consistent basis. I now make 4 loaves every 2 days. I also love those shows! My husband downloaded them and we have watched every episode of both shows - LOVE THEM!

BLD in MT said...

Yay! Just the loaf you were looking for. It really is true that there are different breads that serve well for different purposes. I don't really eat sandwiches, so I'd never considered this search for the right recipe.

That sounds like an interesting TV series. I'd never heard of it before.

prairieharmony said...

Donna, you are so very welcome. I usually enjoy the scones while watching Victorian or Edwardian farm lol
Thank you Little Home in the Country :_ I am so happy to have accomplished this!!! It has opened my eyes to and my curiosity to all that I CAN make at home :)
BLD in MT Thank you as well. If you have the time you might enjoy the series too :)