Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fast Forward December

It never fails, no matter how prepared I am for how busy this month is, it seems like the fast forward button gets pushed and the month just speeds by!  I have purposely been standing on the brakes each and every day but no matter what I do it is moving by really quickly!!!

I try to stop and enjoy something in nature each day.  It is all around us, free, and most importantly beautiful!  This is from the other evening.  I love all the colors of the sky while the dark is closing in fast.
The weather is supposed to turn cold here after the weekend.  This might last for days or for the afternoon.  One never really knows.  I worked quickly and finished up my scarf anyway so I can enjoy a layer of warmth.  I am really looking forward to using something that is both practical and beautiful that I made myself.  What a wonderful feeling :)
I was able to understand the yarn while knitting and keep the pattern consistent through the entire piece this time. I might give mittens a try, I never have been much of a hat person :)

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Donna said...

The month is flying by,for sure!