Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another...and Another

The time I notice things the most, is while I am vacuuming the house.  I can make a whole "to do" list in my mind while going through.  If I remember when I finish vacuuming I am lucky.  This time one thing that stuck out in my mind, was how dirty my doily was in the dinning room.  It is white and it doesn't take long to get dusty and dirty looking.  I don't mind antique but I do mind dirty!
When I went to remove the doily I saw another that needed a good wash and bleach as well.  They are both pictured here.  I gently washed them to remove the loose dirt.  I typically do not like bleach but  have some left over from our old pool so I have been using it occasionally.  When I run out I will use peroxide.  I decided to add some bleach to the water to brighten this poor dingy doily back up.  You can see how nice and bright it is getting.  That led to something else.... on  my way over to wipe off the treadle sewing machine the doily adorns, I decided this time it needed more than wiping off it was time for a facelift.  I bought the treadle this way many years ago and decided it was time to be freshened up!  It was looking more than antique, it was getting down right grubby looking on the top.  I searched through my paint cans and found a trim color and got to work.
I allowed the top, and doily's to dry overnight. I gently laid the doily's out on a large bath towel to dry being careful not to distort their shape.   In the morning I pressed the doily's and put them back in their place.  I have a few repairs to do on the large doily but I don't mind, I have had it for many years and with a little upkeep here and there plan on having both the doily's and the treadle for many years.  I love how fresh and clean the treadle looks!
Much better :)


Donna said...

Very nice! I find myself staring a project,which leads to another myself :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you. Next I will attempt to mend this as well :) One more thing lol