Thursday, December 13, 2012

Using Real Butter

I cannot help but share my enthusiasm about the changes taking place particularly in my kitchen.  It seems that once you start your path to making the changes you would like to see in your home things start falling in place one by one.  Change doesn't always happen quickly, if you are making progression toward your goals that is change in a positive direction.

In my kitchen once we find a product we like we use it and many things we have used since we have been together.  When we run out they go on the grocery list and are replaced or stocked before they are used up.  On my quest to  reduce and hopefully eliminate  as many packaged products in my cooking as possible I am starting to look closely at what we are consuming and how I can replace those products with a better alternative.  In this case I have been taking a look at the butter spread we consume by the container full.  I have known and blindly closed my eyes to the ingredients because I wasn't sure of the solution.  Today we ran out and I decided that we would use butter sticks.  Real honest butter.  I tossed out the container but not before reading the ingredients.  I had to read a while to find milk....when discussing my decision my husband did not have a problem with it.  He called it whipped chemicals.  He did however tell me that I needed to get a container for the butter to sit on the counter to be spreadable.  His family used butter like this when he was growing up.  The only butter I have ever seen in these containers looked like a gross gooey mess that kids had been playing in so I wasn't too sure I wanted it on my counter.  Yuck!

I wanted to purchase a french butter keeper for the butter, however I am really looking at each item we need or want and really analyzing if we actually need it, or do we just want it.  I realized to my delight I had just what I needed on display in my hoosier and will not be purchasing anything for this change!  I excitedly took it out and washed it.  The girls made cinnamon toast and the butter worked perfectly and the most relief for me was no complaints about the butter switch.  I don't want my family to be miserable over this slow process of change.

Oh how exciting to use a piece of the pottery I have on hand  that I love so dearly!  The butter now sits on the counter and I am assured yet again, and happy that I have chosen to follow this path.  It is so rewarding when positive changes all come together seamlessly :)


Becci Sundberg said...

I love butter, but just a little too much.
I really want to make the switch but I must learn to not use so much of it. Not just for my waist line but also for the budget

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Beautiful butter tray! I really admire your interest in wholesome eating and eliminated processed foods. It's a real battle in this day I think.

prairieharmony said...

Becci, We are of like minds lol I too love butter a bit too much :) I am hoping in time to cut down more as well, for now I want to switch to a healthier alternative then work on the amounts consumed :)
Deb, Thank you, it is difficult to eliminate processed foods and I still have a long way to go. I am picking my battles one at a time. Quality of life is important and living in a processed world now some products that are processed are all I have known and didn't realize they derived from something someone's grandmother once made at home in the kitchen. The butter tray is from a pottery collection I have from the 50's. I love them very much and are a special part of my kitchen. Some day I will write about them:)