Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

The ice storm the weather forecasters predicted arrived!  It started late last night or early morning with sleet, thunder and light winds.  It stopped sleeting mid morning and I thought it was finished... but now it is snowing lightly.  The girls just came in from playing outside.  They had immense fun de-icing everything and exploring the shapes of the ice that they removed from objects outside.  Then watching them break and crunch :) The first two pictures I took this morning, they took all day to finally go through to my email box.  I imagine things are a bit crammed right now since this storm is several states wide.  What looks like snow in these two picture are actually all ice piled up!  North of us they are getting snow on top of all this ice. 
Our summer swing iced over.
Trees glazed with heavy ice.

Ice  in the trees and a beautiful vapor from the  ground mixing together.

View of the ice looking down our street.

View from above of an ice bowl my daughter brought inside for me to see.
Side view of the ice bowl

We have power, and I have a hearty Lentil Soup simmering on the stove top right now so we are all set.  Wishing everyone affected by this storm a warm safe day. :)


Robyn said...

It all looks very pretty but it can be so dangerous when all that ice starts defrosting. Hope you guys are keeping warm and staying safe.

Donna said...

I saw that nasty weather was going through your neck of the woods. Ice is pretty,but it sure is a pain! We are getting your storm but here it's going to be wet snow.It's going to start tomorrow night thru Sunday and we are slated to get 6"-10".

Rose said...

Wow, not a snow storm an ice storm! That's amazing, I guess it is extraordinarily cold to be ice.

prairieharmony said...

Robyn you are so very right about the melting, my dh returned home and because I was having a gathering parked on the street. For this I was thankful because when the ice started melting it fell in large chunks right where our vehicle would normally be parked!
Donna; I hope all is well in your neck of the woods, this storm is now completely melted but we are expecting another storm in the morning some time. The girls have their fingers crossed that they call off school :)
Rose; Yes, it is bitter cold yet beautiful at the same time. Thankfully it does not last long :)

I only wish I was able to capture the extraordinary beauty of the ice melting in the trees. They looked like someone had painted them all a bright silver like tinsel at Christmas time. It was simply stunning!