Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting for Another Storm

When I went out on an errand today I was mindful of what I might need for the rest of the week.  We are expecting another winter storm, this time snow.  We have had rain all day long and some mild field flooding and full ditches around our area.  Nothing major as the storm ditches are more than equipped to handle the rain we have received.  I am so thankful for our farmers and ranchers that we have gotten the rain we have.  It is filling up the ponds that were empty and many dry from our drought.  The winter wheat is looking nice and green and will be a good crop.  I love watching the fields and their changes as I drive to and from town.  There are not as many tree's here as I am used to where I grew up, but it is still a beautiful country here.

As I listen to the sound of sleet and rain mix on the windows I have been working a little while on my miniature Grandmothers' Garden wall hanging.  I am hoping to finish it in time to hang up for St. Patrick's Day.
 As I post this I now understand where my missing thimble has gone.  I use an old ice cream container for my small pieces for this wall hanging.  I put my thimble and thread in there as well.  

Our little cat Tinee just jumped up and starting fishing out both the thimble and thread successfully from the tub flicking them out onto the counter top surface!  For all I know she could have carried my lost thimble off somewhere in the house lol  I guess I won't be surprised when it turns up in a strange place :)


Sue xx said...

cheeky puss, the patchwork is gorgeous, Amy. stay warm and safe

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Stay warm! Your Grandmother's Garden is gorgeous...

Little Home In The Country said...

Oh, that cat! Our cat is horrible for taking off with things in his mouth :) We find lego, earrings, push pins, etc. all over the house in strange places... he bats them around and sometimes even drops them into the basement drain! Naughty boy :) Your patchwork is stunning - as all of your work is :) Would love to come over and craft for the day with you!!! That would be so fun :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you very much Sue, Deb, and Sherri, I am nearing the finish line right now as I am onto the quilting...with the help of our Tinee along the way of course lol