Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It Arrived.... the Beautiful Snow

I really had my doubts, we had been predicted to get snow early in the morning for two days.  Admittedly after the second morning of idle predictions I decided if it came, it came.  Yesterday's weather of rainy sleet-ish mix in the evening gave me a suspicion that the storm was really on it's way this time... and it was.  Ohhh it was beautiful.  I wish I had captured the first glimpse.  My daughter a late night owl like myself couldn't sleep and peeked out the window in the wee hours of the morning.  She came to ask if I had looked outside, for the next several hours we camped in front of the windows watching the gorgeous snow fall in the quiet stillness of the night.  We debated on the cancellation of school, laughed together, chatted about this and that, and she even indulged in a walk to the mailbox under my protective eye as an excuse to enjoy the magic of the falling snow with no one about.  It was quiet, and beautiful and much brighter than she expected it to be outside. As the snow piled up my least concern was school in the early hours of morning.  There were no road graders out to clear the snow yet, and there was a fair amount.  School was going to be out I was most certain.  We went to bed and the call for cancellation came a few hrs. later.  We all slept in.

When my youngest dd woke me,  the fun began.  Both girls dashed outside to enjoy the first "real" snow of the year.  The kind of snow I was used to getting as a girl, the kind perfect for making forts and snow balls, structures of whatever the mind could imagine to build and fantastic snowmen! Here we get one good wet snow if we are lucky, typically we see a bit more ice than snow.  This was the perfect snow for all of it!!!
First they requested Snow Ice Cream.... This sneaky Mama asked Dad to bring the cream and eggs home when he returned from work early this morning so the ingredients would be ready :)  They had made mention of making their favorite snow treat "if" it really snowed.  They brought me a large bowl of good clean snow...
I gathered the ingredients and began mixing...2 eggs beaten, 2 c. cream, 1 c. sugar all mixed together.  I set the mixture aside until they returned from playing outside in the snow when we would add the freshly gathered snow now in a bowl on the porch waiting. 

I love the snow accumulated on the branches of the trees.
My favorite view in the winter.  Looking out over the field from the window at the beautiful pristine freshly fallen snow!

The girls had a blast making a snow lady with red hair like Mama they said :)
When they returned inside we added the clean snow to the cream mixture and they enjoyed delicious Snow Cream.  They mentioned making large amounts while we have snow to last a few months lol
Many trips in and out were made to play in the snow.  While there was a new snow lady being created in the back yard I made Vegan "meatloaf", mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner.  It was delicious!
Now we have an assortment of gloves, hats, and scarves drying on the clothes wrack.  Puddles of water gathered by the doors and wet boots lined up.  Frozen Snow Cream in the freezer and many fun memories and pictures, all evidence of a fun filled snow day.  What a treasured day :)


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Looks like a wonderful snow day... thanks for sharing~

prairieharmony said...

Thank you Deb :) It has been a lot of fun and the last little bit, the amount of a snowball is all that is left after a beautiful 69 degree day yesterday :)