Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Celebration

This past weekend my Mom was able to come down and visit to celebrate my Birthday.  It was a belated birthday visit as we had a major snow storm in the state the previous weekend and neither of us felt it was a good idea to venture down.  What a wonderful weekend we had.  She was able to spend a couple of days with  us and we had a great time.  My mom, my daughters, and I all visited and laughed and quilted and crafted all weekend.  We had a lot of fun!

When DH arrived home he brought strawberries for me so I could make this delicious dessert that I wanted to make for my birthday instead of a cake.  The recipe can be found here.It was really good!!!

Mom brought a couple of lovely gifts for my birthday, and one of them was this adorable kitchen towel set.
She said when she saw it, it reminded her of me, and my efforts both here on my blog, and what all of us at the Down to Earth forum are working toward.  What a very thoughtful and practical gift!  I am very blessed to have such  thoughtful friends and family, especially my loving parents!  Happy Monday :)


BLD in MT said...

What a blessing to spend that time together! And to have a mom who appreciates and supports you like that!

Donna said...

Happy Belated Birthday,my friend!!!

prairieharmony said...

BLD, It was a blessing, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support network in my life! :) I wish that for everyone.

Donna, Thank you so very much. Hugs