Wednesday, April 3, 2013

City Chicks Meet Country Chicks

These sweet little chicks are a new addition to our home.  Sadly the little black one didn't make it.  She was just too little and had I realized she was struggling when we picked them out I would not have brought her home.  She was VERY small.  I did learn, though cute small is not always a good idea when we are dealing with chicks.  I had to feed her a mixture of food she was so small she would not even peck at the food or drink.  She might have been sick too. I am just not sure.

The orange and yellow chicks however are thankfully thriving and chirping sweetly.  They are inside out of the cold damp weather we have been having, under the warmth of a heat lamp and doing very well.  In the very small town we live in, we are not allowed by city ordinance to have chickens in our yard, so when these little ones are grown they will go to our friends farm to live as happy little free range chickens.  We purchased a rabbit hutch for them so they would be safe from the longing gaze of our inside cats.  Since we cannot have chickens in town and they are so small they are inside with us until they are big enough to go to the farm.  I have no idea if or when we will ever find a home in the country so I have let the girls have chicks now twice here.  I think it is important for them to experience and learn how to take care of them.  If I waited, I think sadly they would miss out on the opportunity to learn. 

I am sure the chicks look like a delicious snack to the cats so I wanted a strong cage that if  the curious cats jumped on, they would still be very safe and, have a cage that is easy to clean.   However now, the cats love to lay by the cage and take naps by the chickens enjoying the warmth of their heat lamp as well!  The chickens go to the edge of the cage and nap.  The cats do not have their claws in front so they are not in danger to them.  We have learned to listen to their peeping and chirping and can tell when they are not happy.  My youngest dd runs to see what is upsetting them.  They are held and cuddled gently and will be wonderful sweet hens..unless we have a rooster! lol  I do believe they are the most spoiled little chicks ever :)


Rose said...

You will love this chapter of your life.

BLD in MT said...

Our city just passes a backyard hen ordinance last year. I am still doing my research, but this is something I am very much looking forward to. I adore chickens. Chicks all the cuter.

Even with the little one dying I bet was another opportunity for the girls to learn. Such is life.

Misty Meadows said...

I always believe that children should be raised with critters. You are teaching your children to have empathy for animals. A very wise lesson. It has been awhile since we have had chicks. I am hoping this is the spring. I have three very old hens left.

Sue xx said...

what a brilliant idea, Amy