Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stroll Around the Lake

On Easter we made our way to our little local lake and took a stroll.  We had so much fun exploring as a family.  We ended last year in a drought and have not yet  completely caught up on our low water levels.  The lake is down by several feet and we had the chance to explore territory  we had never seen.  Huge beds of empty clam shells were exposed.  Thousands and thousands in some areas.
The weather was absolutely beautiful and the sun was warm.  We had the lake to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed it.  My DH taught the girls how to skip rocks on the smooth surface of the water.  In many places along the shore there are many layers of broken up Sandstone.  The pieces make perfect stones for skipping rocks.
 I even discovered my first Dandelion of the season! It was happy and sunny and beautiful.  I had to capture it.  I am always elated to discover the first one of the season.  Sometimes they are blooming before the Daffodils are!  Daffodils are my favorite spring flower because they are so cheerful and to me it is a sure bet that though sometimes cold outside, there is hope for spring once again!
 As I strolled around snapping photo's of my family and the beautiful world around me I of course had to capture my favorite, a beautiful water stained tree.  As you can see by the white section on the tree, this is the normal range of the water level in the lake.  The water is well below this level. 
Before leaving, I was able to capture the abundant blooming of the small fairy flowers.  They are a light purple color and so dainty, I can just imagine a parade of fairy's waiting for them to come into bloom so they can decorate with them for a party :)
I am so thankful that we were able to go to the lake and enjoy the afternoon.  Time spent together is a treasure!


Sue xx said...

I do enjoy going for a ramble with you

Rose said...

My goodness all those shells!

BLD in MT said...

This looks like a wonderful day out!! Sun and nature! Oh, the joy and treasure, indeed.

I saw my first dandelion yesterday!! It was rather scraggly and stepped on though as it grew from a crack in the sidewalk so I opted not to photograph. Yours looks so lovey one can hardly believe they are weeds!