Friday, April 26, 2013

Clean the Microwave and make Tea too!

First, I would like to say a warm thank you for all of your heartfelt and kind comments regarding my post yesterday.  I appreciate your gentle words of encouragement.  Keeping life and the foods we eat in balance is key and the gentle reminders and encouragement when I felt such deep frustration where very touching to me.  Thank you sincerely to each and every one of you. 

Today was a rainy day, one of my favorite days!  I have a weird quirk in that when it is raining I love to clean.  I like a very tidy house anyway, but maybe it's the threat of loosing power or something but I have a nesting instinct that kicks in like crazy and I happily clean lol   After doing some housework, I resumed some garden plans, which led to thinking about spring and one of my favorite beverages, iced tea.  I try to avoid soda as much as possible for a variety of reasons and prefer unsweetened iced tea.  I am still careful to drink plenty of water as tea can be dehydrating.

 As I went about preparing to boil my water for tea in the microwave, I was also thinking that it (the microwave) needed a good scrub.  A light bulb  moment occurred.  The process for cleaning the microwave is no different than boiling my water except I add tea bags after it is boiled.  I filled my large four cup measuring glass with water, microwaved it for three minutes, removed it, placed in my tea bags to steep and while the tea was steeping proceeded to wipe out the freshly steamed microwave.  I added the water to the tea pitcher and poured myself a freshly brewed glass of iced tea, and enjoyed looking at my clean microwave.  In essentially the time it took to make tea I had a clean microwave. Ahhh :)

( I will insert pictures later when blogger has this up and running soon :)

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Donna said...

Killing two birds with one stone! Love it!
Have a good day,my friend-Donna