Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden Tour

I have been so busy this spring and now early summer.  Some day's feel like a complete whirlwind and others I just sit and try and absorb the quiet and catch my breath.  For anyone that has the idea that life slows down when your children get older because they are able to do more on their own.... that is very far from the truth, at least in this house.  We have a teenager, and a preteen and life just gets busier and busier.  We enjoy each and every day and spend lots of time together as a family but it is very intertwined with things to do. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciate and feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my dd's and be here for my family.  Though I initially thought I would be able to slow down time by being here for every moment.. it couldn't be further from the truth!  It goes so fast, but I am able to have beautiful memories of all that we do.  I often wish to remember each and every  moment and vow at times to not forget certain heart melting moments, but like everyone else.  If it wasn't for my camera to help me jog the memories, I think sadly with so much going on I couldn't remember as much.  As this summer unfolds I have been taking photo's of the little places tucked away in our yard.  We had severe rains this May and were not able to get into our garden for the final tilling to plant a vegetable garden.   It is so wet that even a small rain still creates an impromptu pond in our yard.  So I have taken to enjoying what I do have which is my beautiful flowers.  I thought I would take you on a small tour of my back yard spots.  I love watching my garden change over time it is such a joy to remember when a planting was first put into the ground and how it has changed over time.
This is Jasmine. My friend was putting in a new driveway and I was able to dig up several clumps and plant two on either side of my clothesline poles.  Before they started growing very much, my dh graciously wired up some cattle panel to my clothes line poles extending up past the tops of the posts to give them plenty of room to climb up and over the poles.  I see this type of Jasmine growing and sometimes covering some ditches here.  I really like that they first bloom in bright white, then the blooms fade to a pretty butter yellow color.  I planted this last fall and it was hot outside so it took a while to really root in but has taken well to where it is and I am excited to watch as it grows.
 This is a humble little strawberry garden.  My dad and I went to a few garage sales in another town and my youngest dd saw this old bed frame without rails and wanted to make a "flower bed" with it.  We thought it was a great idea so we bought it for her.  That was five years ago!  We had been focusing so much time on interior renovations we didn't have much time to devote to exterior projects until this spring.  The rains were on the way so we planted strawberries around the edges of her little garden and when the soil dries out enough she can choose what she would like to plant in the interior.  We have all enjoyed picking fresh strawberries this spring.
 This 1950's beach comber bike was actually purchased for me by my husband to ride.  However, it has only one gear and is extremely heavy and difficult for me to try and ride.  Maybe after some serious strength conditioning I will change my mind :) It does however look lovely in the garden with the basket chalked full of petunia's.  I absolutely love seeing it out the kitchen window and when I am outside, I know I get more joy from it being in the garden than riding it :)


Rose said...

It is so so green! I guess that's the result of the snow melting? Often in spring it's quite brownish here. It looks lovely Amy.

prairieharmony said...

Yes, it IS so green here. Our spring we usually get most of our rain and then the temperatures climb and things turn fairly brown and crispy by mid July and Aug. Then late Sept. and October we get some rain again and the temperatures are nice in the 70's and start falling as we head into winter and the snow and ice again. This spring we have had an abundance of rain so things are very bright green :)

Sue xx said...

Oh Amy what a sweet walk we took...that jasmine will smell heavenly while you hang out your washing

Donna said...

How cute! Love the bed and the bike :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you Sue and Donna, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour around the garden. Donna the bike is my favorite :)

BLD in MT said...

I almost bought a vintage, cruiser type bicycle...but yeah, I need more gears than that!!! Too many hills! But, you're right, it makes a fine flower box.

That bed frame idea is so charming and brilliant! I like it!

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so much BLD in MT. I have enjoyed my bike this year outside. I am considering some fall flowers in the basket to extend the beauty of it in the yard :)