Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating with Friends

Yesterday we had an amazing evening celebrating the 4th with our friends.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the food delicious.  We had a large buffet of  food, the children ran around and played and shot off fireworks, swam, boated, and had a great time.  The adults enjoyed the merriment and chit chatting.  The fireworks display was just fantastic.  I am so thankful that we were able to spend the evening with our friends.  They are wonderful hosts and we always have a great time.
 Though out of focus, I really love this distorted picture of some of the fireworks.  It really shows so many colors that are in the fireworks that our eye doesn't always detect.

Today, as I come back to reality :)  I have been sifting and sorting around my desk area.  I am usually very tidy and organized, but recently though I just feel overwhelmed with paperwork.  While it is important to save receipts and paperwork, there does come a time when it is necessary to shred what is no longer relevant and clean out the files a bit.  I am at that point.  Not only physically but electronically as well.  Yesterday before leaving  for the gathering, I spent over an hour sorting and deleting bookmarks, sorting blogs, and deleting information that was no longer relevant.  This is an important housekeeping process to stay organized and efficient as you manage your files at home.  I will continue to work on this project as I go about other chores today.  It will be nice to have this project done :)
 These are some gentle rolling hills along a highway that we travel a lot.  At one point along the highway I can see for many miles in several directions around our area.  It's very beautiful and rolling scenery.

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