Saturday, July 6, 2013

Play Dough

A few days ago, my youngest dd and I decided it was a play dough kind of day.  So we gathered ingredients and made up a quick batch.  I believe, but because my page is torn cannot confirm that this recipe came from Mother Earth News several years ago.

2c. flour
1c. salt
2 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
2c. water with food coloring added
4 tsp. cream of tartar

Mix ingredients together in a saucepan over medium heat.  Stir constantly until mixture thickens.  Remove from heat and turn dough onto a plate to cool.  Store in a covered container or plastic bag.  Finished creations can be baked slowly in the oven until hardened, then painted.
 For this batch we used a combination of blue and green for this lovely turquoise color.  We use whatever food coloring for baking or cakes we happen to have on hand.  We have made a batch without color so the girls can bake them and paint them or do a hand print cookie.
This batch will last us a long time if kept sealed up in the bag.  If it looks a bit dry or opaque around the edges then I place a fairly wet towel in with the play dough to re-moisten it.  It works really well and it extends the life a long time.  I have made several batches in several colors and used them for children's parties, when it was over I passed out recycled yogurt containers for them to package up the play dough and take home.  It was a big hit! Enjoy :)


Donna said...

I wish Zach was still young enough to play with Play Dough-I'd give it a try :)

Vickie Wiggins said...

That sounds like the recipe I made for my college demo speech. It was fun to make up a batch in an electric skillet since there wasn't a stove in the classroom. The college age students thought it was great to play with while they were studying or taking tests. It is amazing how much more you can remember when you have a repetitive movement going on! :-)
I got an A+ for that speech, by the way. :-)

prairieharmony said...

I love an excuse to make this playdough recipe :) Donna maybe a batch could fine it's way into a stocking around Christmas? It can be dried as well for home made ornaments. You could press objects into it as well or adhere dried herbs or flowers to it and seal it.
Vickie, how a clever idea to make it in a hot plate for your class! I had never thought of that for speech class :) I will have to remember this for later! Glad you got your A+ :)