Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making Progress

Today was such a progressive day that several times I thought it was already Wednesday!  (It is only Monday)  I have quite an impressive "to do" list right now and was able to mark most of it off, run errands, take care of school obligations, preparations for the girls for school, and still spend some leisurely time with them this evening.  What a day and a great start to this week.

Last time I was back home visiting our family, we went to one of my favorite stores in town called Waters Edge.  It is in Lawrence Kansas.  I am sure I will sound like a commercial for their store, but very few retail places feel so comfortable and inviting as Waters Edge.  I wanted to share with you about our most recent trip.  After such a sad and hard month, I knew I had to make time for a special stop and unwind and relax in nature.  We can easily spend several hours there meandering around enjoying the atmosphere and learning so much about nature and aquatic life.  You can visit their website here.  They have a beautiful gallery of photo's on their page.  Here are a few photo's from our recent visit.
This is one of many little pond and water display features.  If I could wave my magic wand I would transfer everything in the store garden to my own back yard :)  It is amazingly peaceful and tranquil.  It was absolutely the break and rest I needed after such a stressful month.

While searching through some of the whiskey barrel liners, I found this leaf print of a muddy leaf that was stuck between the pots.
This is a pretty good goal for my back patio I would say!  I absolutely love the mix of rock and brick.  If you ever have the opportunity to stroll through their gardens you will understand how peaceful it is.  I think the most soothing part for me is when I see an unusual plant I like, I know where I can get it for our own garden.  They are so helpful and want to teach you not just sell you what you need to have a peaceful sanctuary at home to enjoy.  Many times when you see something that is just right for your own home or garden it can be frustrating to try and locate what it is you see.  Especially with plants.  Unusual plants can be really hard to find.
This is a perfect example. This is a Mosaic Plant.  It is a water plant that my dd and I absolutely fell in love with,  when we have a home ready for it will return and bring one home to enjoy here with all who visit.

On decluttering; We are slowly working on different area's.  Today I spent time on paperwork and clearing my desk area.  Much of the laundry is caught up and donate bags are ready to go.  It is slow and steady and I can definitely see a difference.  I just have to be patient :)

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Brenny said...

Hello! I, too, was in Lawrence this past summer, for the Mother Earth News Fair! What a lovely city! I linked to your blog from Down to Earth, and am so glad I did...your pictures are lovely! I moved to Sharon Springs, KS in April to be near my sons and grandchildren (from Colorado) after my husband passed in 2012. I am also doing a lot of decluttering, as my solution was to carefully pack every single item and move it to Kansas to deal with later! I look forward to reading more of your certainly have a talent!
Brenny Seader