Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Gift of Corn

Today my friend stopped by with a surprise.  We were given the opportunity to go pick corn!!!  What an amazingly generous offer.  We went with our youngest children and though it was really hot and humid, we had a good time.  While picking a few ears on the outside of the field, we discovered that several exposed ears of corn had Japanese Beetles on them.  Not just one or two but many!
Upon returning home, I began to shuck the corn with our youngest dd helping me.  While shucking we came across several "baby" corn in the husk next to the mature corn in the husk.  We opened one up and I took a picture to share.  Just in case you do not know...  the tassels or corn silks at the end of an ear of corn are attached to each individual kernel of corn.  Each tassel must be pollinated in order for that kernel to develop into what we enjoy eating! Nature is amazing!  I took this picture because it was a great example of this process, the tassels are still attached to the individual kernels growing in the husk in this underdeveloped ear of corn.  How neat!
I felt really blessed to have this opportunity and was very happy that we now have fresh corn frozen for our family in the freezer.  Everyone helped in the process of preparing the corn.  While our youngest dd was helping me pick corn, my husband and our oldest dd were blanching, peeling, slicing, and freezing peaches  that our neighbor brought us last week from the orchard.  Today was a great freezer day in our house!

On the decluttering front.  I shared yesterday how I love blessing others.  Well, my favorite is when I know where things are going.  I just love that.  Today I was able to pass on several bags of clothes and linens to a family that needs them!  That made me really happy.

DH and I worked on our bedroom today and decluttered several area's.  It feels so much more peaceful in our room.  I am always happy to reduce and  recycle to others what we do not need.  It felt especially good today to pass on so many bags of things that could be used.

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