Thursday, November 7, 2013

Changes in Seasons, Changes in Life

With the changing season, we have had changes in our lives.  My absence here reflects the recent devastating loss of my cousin.  I went back home for an extended period of time to be with my family.   I have since returned home and have been regrouping, reflecting, and healing.


This is my cousin Kristopher Pete McDonald, he was born November 12, 1974 and passed October 10, 2013.  He is a war hero and a veteran serving five active duty deployments between the USMC and ARNG.    He dedicated his life to helping, and savings the lives of others.  He was kind, loving, and compassionate to everyone who knew him.  We were blessed to have him in our family and he is greatly missed.  He was a wonderful brother, son, nephew, uncle, cousin, and friend.  In his last act of love and kindness, Kristopher was an organ donor.  In death he was able to do what he loved most which was helping others, and savings lives.  

Kristopher is my Dad's nephew, their birthday's were one day apart.  He is my oldest cousin, just four months older than me.  He was my first friend in life. He was always eager to lend a hand and help where needed.  Though he has two younger brothers of his own, in reality he was a big brother to my other two cousins as well, spending much of their lives being raised together they were especially close.

I will always be proud of Kristopher and the man he grew up to be.  He gave life his all never asking for anything in return.  He delighted us with his gentle laughter and contagious smile.  My life, and the lives of all who knew him were brighter because of him.  Rest in Peace

Obviously sad at the recent loss of two beautiful people in my family, in my reflections I have focused on life.  Our life span is unknown and in general even living into our nineties, our lives are lived quickly.  Yes,  it is normal, natural, and the continuation of the greater cycle of life.  I have lost many beautiful people on my life's journey who made an impact in my life in one way or another.  Some more than others but all leaving an impression on me.  I have reflected on the importance of living a quality life even more so than before.  I have reflected on the role we play in being parents, spouses, community members and how we effect each others lives.  I have really reflected on what life goals are important to me and what matters most in my life and the lasting impact I wish to have on others the most important being the impact I have on my children and how best I can guide them.  Little has changed in my priorities,  my family still being of the utmost importance in my life.  However I have noted some adjustments I would like to make within my own life.  I am thankful for the opportunity to take a closer look at my own life and the improvements and growth within that I would like to make, to improve myself, and in turn have a direct positive effect on those around me.

Wishing you the very best in all you do, as you too might also discover the changes within as we change seasons.


Peace Country Homestead said...

Sorry to hear of the loss your friend and cousin. May God bless you and ease your pain. You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

Rose said...

Good on you Amy as we Aussies say. Looking at your photo on the right and Kris's on the left the family resemblance is very evident! Thinking of you.

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Amy, I was so sad to hear about the passing of your cousin Kristopher. He sounds like he was a wonderful person to have in your life. I have no words of wisdom to share with you, only to say, that, I know you will hold him in your heart forever. There will be times when you feel so sad and other times when you think about him, you will have a smile on your face.
When George's father passed on, it was such a shock, even though he was 73 years, we came together as a family and we cried our tears, and then we started talking about the man we knew and loved and how kind and generous he was. We then talked about all the funny things he would do and we all ended up laughing. This took us by surprise because we were so sad, but when we all thought about it, we all agreed, that by doing this, we were celebrating his life.
I am sending you my love and prayers.
Best Wishes to you,

Donna said...

I am so very sorry that you lost your cousin. He sounds like he was a wonderful human being,and bless his heart for having to deploy so very many times.

I am sending you love and hugs....