Thursday, January 9, 2014


I did not take this photo so I do not have a watermark on it.  If you know who took this please let me know so I can give proper credit to the photographer who's beautiful work this is...
I was reflecting today on many things, one of them is this photo.  I was thumbing through a magazine one day at my mom's house and I saw this photo.  It caused a stirring within me and I asked if she minded if I tear it out.  She's not a keeper of her magazines and offered the whole magazine instead.  Me being me, only wanted this photo.  There is no page number, or information about the magazine it was from so I have no way to identify any of that information.  What I can tell you is this.  This photo captured everything I wanted in my future in this one single shot.  Every goal I had was met here.  A home in the country, a big bar of hand made soap, fresh farm eggs, herbs at the window, a sink full of running dish water perhaps?  Or maybe fresh produce getting a wash from the garden.  All of these things were on my wish list and instead of making a traditional list, I hung this photo on the cabinet next to my computer as a visual reminder of the things I hold dear. 

It's not the physical act of gathering eggs, or making soaps, or working in the garden.  Its a lifestyle choice, a slower pace.  The individual components that made this complete picture when broken down, are things that take time, consideration, and require patience.  No rush and hustle, prodding and deadlines.  Just peace and calm and all things I have been striving for, a lifestyle I have been desperately seeking and living despite my location.  Today as I reflected on this photo I see the circle is now complete.  The location is now finally in place, and all the things that I have been looking forward to that were photographed and hung beside my desk are not just a  dream, but soon a very real reality.  This photo though no longer relevant in the near future once we move, will always hold a special place and I will hang it in my new home.  It is a reminder to never give up on your dreams, but also to live where you are and keep quietly working on that which is important to you, where you are, until the full picture is realized. 

Thank you to whomever you are for such a wonderful photo that perfectly captured that which I hold dear and spoke the unspoken for me for so many years until my dream was a reality.

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Alex said...

So beautifully written from the heart...and that picture SO captures it all. When you move into your forever dream home you'll have to share some photographs. I came by your blog from Rhonda at her down to earth blog which I've read for many years and now myself have ventured into blog writing . It is a beautiful process where one can think back on happenings and lessons and ideas learnt therefrom....I wish you all the best in your new journey. I read one of your comments somewhere on your blog re the forum but have hardly used it- must give it a go again next I visit Rhonda.

Blessings from Alexa in Australia