Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fabric Softener Quarters

Since we are still fully involved with remodeling our home, there are many things still not in place that we were used to at our old house.  One of them being my very missed clothes lines.  However, it could be worse I could be driving to town to do laundry so I will not complain.  When it is cold and freezing like now, I used to use white vinegar in my rinse in place of fabric softener.  No matter how careful I am to not have any vinegar smell in our clothes my husband still cringes at the thought and potential smell. So... I am back to using diluted fabric softener instead.  I don't mind, admittedly it does smell good but I have many reasons for not liking it one being putting a wax or film on my clothes and towels.  I remembered reading a different method for using fabric softener when I was brain storming and have included a tutorial below.  It's the solution to vinegar I have came up with for now until I settle on a different option away from commercial softeners.
I purchased inexpensive household sponges in bulk and cut them into quarters.
I filled up an antique jar with the sponge quarters.
I filled the jar with diluted fabric softener.

After putting clothes in the dryer I simply grab a sponge and lightly squeeze it out into the jar and toss the sponge into the dryer with our clothes.  It is working very well, and admittedly the clothes smell wonderful.  The added benefit I discovered after about fifteen loads of laundry is that I have only used down to the first decorative line on the glass jar!  So even though I am using commercial softener I am obviously not only diluting it, but using far less!  Typically the amount of softener used in the tray in the washer is about 1/4 of a cup.  This method still keeps the static at bay and freshens the clothes and I do not feel any waxy or film on our clothes.  I am admittedly amazed and love that this method saves further on the laundry budget, using this method it is actually less expensive than vinegar!  Blessings

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