Friday, August 27, 2010


Today we were working in the garage again, our project was to build shelving in our garage.  The garage had never been repainted since the house was built in the 50's.  So a few months ago I started painting the garage in a very subdued and calm green.  I really liked it but I ran out of paint.  Then today I found a very nice blue in the garage and had enough to paint the whole garage without purchasing more.  It was so pretty and cheerful.  I felt very uplifted.  Just from a switch in color.

That is when I started thinking, I don't know if everyone realizes the importance of color and how our minds react to the effects of color in our daily lives.  Not everyone reacts to the same colors in the same manner.  There are some that are energized by red, calmed by blue and green, and feel happy when decorating with yellows and oranges.  Pinks can be peaceful as well as other pastels and bold colors are often thought of for day care centers and primary school.

Color has always been important to me.  I am a very visual person and color affects how I feel.  If I don't like a color I really don't like it.  If I love it I feel so happy and excited about how much I like the color.  If you are wanting an easy change to your living environment the easiest least expensive change is to add color.  Many people are very afraid of paint!  It is nothing to be afraid of.  Just remember as easy as it is to put it on the wall, it's that easy to open another can of a different color and paint over what you just did.  The only requirement would be if you are a renter check with your landlord before painting.  Most actually do not have a problem with painting if you do a neat job and paint it back to the original off white before moving.  Thus a good example of how easy it is to change or "erase" trial and error.

Next time you are walking through the store and see paint samples don't be afraid.  Look at those paint samples and take a few home.  Tape the samples to the wall where you are thinking of painting and see what you think and how the colors change during the course of the day in natural light and lamp light.  Pay attention to how you feel when you look at a color.  If a color makes you feel calm and at peace that would be good in a quiet bedroom or study.  If you feel energized and excited and happy try that in the entertainment area's of your home or kitchen. However these are just suggestions.  Maybe you want to feel energized and alert when you wake up first thing in the morning.  Go with whatever works for you in your home.  That is the most important thing to remember.  You have to be happy in your own environment!  So.... I would like to  inspire and encourage those that haven't experimented with color in their living environments to give color a try!

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Donna said...

I too,love color,and don't like white walls.I do have white floor to ceiling bead board in my kitchen (it was there when we moved in,which I will be cutting in half so the upper half of the wall can have some color!). My kitchen and dining area are on the north western side of the house,so I don't get alot of direct sunlight,just in the kitchen first thing when the sun comes up.I painted my dining area a nice sunny yellow to help brighten up the room. Our living room is cream. We have no curtains on our windows,so the pretty colors of the trees are highlighted.Our bedroom is a nice pale blue with white beadboard (relaxing),the bathroom is a blue tone,and our son Zach picked a deep red for his bedroom. No fear of color here! We are actually getting ready to remodel the bathroom and kitchen/dining room areas,so it remains to be seen if I will keep these colors. That's the fun of paint....if you don't like it,you can change it!