Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Is Upon Us

It's here.... fall has arrived at our house.  What a refreshing change.  Yesterday was the first time it was cooler outside than inside and we enjoyed opening the doors.  The air conditioner is officially off I hope for the rest of the season.  This morning I opened the windows to our cats complete delight and snapped a picture of him sunbathing and relaxing this morning.  I do admit I felt a bit of envy toward him just lying in that warm sun with a cool breeze blowing over him and the delicious smell of fall in the air today.

I must have sensed the arrival of fall nearing as I have been decluttering and cleaning my little heart out.  This past month we have decluttered and cleaned quite literally every area of our home including our garage!  We have been able to bless others with items and clothing that we haven't worn or needed that has been taking up space in our closets, being stored, and sitting around our home.  Sometimes when you walk past an item enough times you don't even notice it is there and it's those things that I stopped and looked at and decided it was time for them to bless someone else!  I cannot describe what a freeing feeling it is to release these things from our home.  When you return home now, it's so fresh and clean and relaxing.  I believe when I started focusing largely on purchasing second hand I went through a phase where I was keeping most everything out of fear that I may not find that item again second hand.  Sometimes the transition is difficult.  I have always purchased second hand but supplemented with the stores.  I do purchase if it is important and a need that cannot be put off.  However, I try very hard to find items second hand at flea markets and sales.  When I changed my way of thinking I developed a subtle fear of not finding items should I need to replace them.  Over several years I have accumulated extra things that we will not need.   However, obviously I have put my fears aside and have been able to turn loose of the things I have been keeping just in case.  I have learned a bit more patience with age!  I think that is the key, if something breaks it's not the end of the world, and yes, I can make do until I find a suitable replacement.  All is not lost.  Years ago I would have been out that moment finding a replacement.  The peace and tranquility and calm I have now I would not trade for a single item I sent to donation and friends.  I do not regret getting rid of a single thing.  I do wish I was able to do it sooner, however at the same time I'm glad that I learned something new about myself and sometimes that takes time.

Another sure sign of fall is the arrival of peaches!  Our wonderful neighbor brings back bushels of peaches from the peach groves when they go on vacation.  I will be making cobblers and jams and we will enjoy fresh peaches all week.  We are so very grateful to them for doing this since we have moved here.  I wish for everyone to be surrounded by lovely neighbors as wonderful as we have been blessed with.  You could not ask for anything more.

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