Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peach Cobbler

Today was a beautiful day.  The weather is warm but there is a nice breeze.  You can sense the cool of fall as the evenings temperatures get lower and the daytime temperatures are no longer scorching.   I had laughing children running about splashing and playing in the water outside.  The end of summer is drawing to a close as the children in our area are about to return to school.  Soon it will be too cool to play in the water.  While they played and had fun I was able to get an outside chore finished which is always a nice feeling.

Once inside I made dinner and baked a delicious peach cobbler for my husband.  We are still enjoying the fresh peaches from the orchard and his favorite is cobbler.  When I went out this evening I stopped at the supermarket and purchased vanilla bean ice cream to go with our cobbler.  We all enjoyed a treat of warm freshly baked cobbler and vanilla ice cream before bed.  What a great ending to a terrific day.

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