Thursday, December 1, 2011

It all started with a jar

After digging around under the sink for dishwasher packets I decided that I wanted a large jar to hold them in. Not just for it's practicality, but because I like to open cabinets and have lovely jars or containers holding my every day supplies.  It brings a smile to my face...and so does the journey that started with the jar.
My husband helped me find this lovely 1950's era jar to hold my dishwasher packets of soap. I immediately loved the way it looked with the packets in the jar.  As I turned to place the jar under my sink I was disgusted at the condition of the cabinet that I use so many times a day.  I emptied it out, wiped the bottom down and went to the garage for paint.  This cabinet hadn't been painted in 30 yrs. and it needed something... I started by cleaning up spilled baking soda and wiping out the cabinet.
I selected a beautiful cranberry red and started in.  As the cabinet changed from powder blue to cranberry I liked it more and more.  I cleaned things up, reloaded my baking soda from a messy recycled container with a faulty lid to an old canning jar. I put my scrubbers in another glass jar and placed them all under the sink admiring the "new" space.  In less than thirty minutes I had transformed a dreadful cabinet to a lovely pleasant area that I use repeatedly during the day...and it all started with a jar!

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