Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

In the midst of an especially busy week, today has been fairly calm.  I have been steadily working on laundry and cleaning.  I love spring cleaning and the process of sorting and donating unused items to others that will get use out of them thrills me!  The most thrilling part is reclaiming space that held the items donated.  Our home is not very large so we do not have unused space.  Every bit that is unused is appreciated.

I was looking forward to hanging clothes on the line today and working in the yard but a large rain storm halted my outdoor plans.  There are now small ponds in the yard and I would have to wade to get to the clothes line in soppy grass.  However, the laundry must go on so I have been busy at it all day.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to spending my time cleaning and baking.  I have cut back on the amount of goodies I bake now and I know my family will enjoy a treat.

This is a very unusual Canadian canning jar that my husband bought for me.  It is the first canning jar I have seen in the US from another country and I was so fascinated by it.  I think it is absolutely lovely!

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