Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Favorite Garden Spots

This antique wheel barrel if full of a Spanish Moss.  It started out as a little sprig from my mom's plant and over several years filled the wheel barrel to overflowing.  Later in the summer the Spanish Moss will be cascading almost to the ground and look so beautiful!  Please excuse the obvious trimming that needs to be done... we have had several days of steady downpours and the ground is so soggy.  In between our last two rains I was able to plant the Iris's that my friend generously gave to me.  I still have the Honeysuckle soaking preparing to plant along with the wildflowers and bamboo.  They wilted quite a bit and putting them right into the ground before giving them a chance to recuperate didn't seem like a good way to start them off.  The Iris's are the plants laying down in the foreground in the ditch.  In a short while they will be standing up and next spring will be blooming happily and thriving like the established ones in front of them.
This is another of my favorite spots, this is a small fountain surrounded by shade loving plants just as you go up our front steps.  It is so peaceful and calming and I really enjoy seeing this garden when I leave and return to our home.  I truly miss it's beauty in the winter time and was overjoyed to see my perennials returning this spring.  I hope you have enjoyed my mini garden tour!  There will be more as the summer progresses.


Donna said...

How pretty!Looks so very relaxing :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you, it is very relaxing.