Sunday, May 20, 2012

Surprise Gift of Nature

These gorgeous roses are growing along the roadside!  I drove past them last week and didn't have my camera to take a picture and was able to stop and snap a photo a few days ago.  There are a couple of places around that have wild roses growing but not in this abundance.  It is an absolutely breathtaking sight and I was so glad that they were left to grow and not sprayed or mowed down.  Everyone that drives down this road gets to enjoy them in all their glory!

These last few weeks have been extremely busy for our family as many things draw to a close with the end of school nearing.  My children will be out of school soon and I am very excited about summer arriving and all the adventures we will be having.  It is the week I have been waiting for all year long.  I love it when my children are home from school and the hectic mornings are behind us for the year and we can leisurely go about our days exploring life around us and enjoying each others company.

I am preparing for a community garage sale coming up which happens to coincide with a round of decluttering my home.  I will be going from room to room storage closet to pantry and assessing what if anything we need to keep and what can be sold.  I am so excited.  I love things to be simple and straightforward around here and it seems so quickly the house can become too cluttered.  With a busy family of four in a smallish house this happens very fast.  I like enough things of comfort to feel comfortable and homey here but not so much that it feels cluttered and crowded.  It's a balancing act.  When the decluttering is finished I look forward to some quilting time and will post pictures along the way.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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