Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sharing Bounty

My good friend blessed me with flowers today for our property.  She has blessed me with flowers before and I am always so appreciative.  She will be doing some work at their home and she called and offered me some Honeysuckle that needs relocated to a new home to allow for the work to be done.  I was of course delighted to go and dig this up.  While I was there she had several other goodies that needed homes as well, several Irises, wildflowers and bamboo shoots!  I returned home and spent the rest of the day planting the Irises with my youngest daughter.  She is such a delight to work with and was so helpful.  Tomorrow I will plant the Honeysuckle and remaining flowers.  I will post pictures in my next post.

My mother is an avid gardener and I have learned from watching her garden my entire life that gardens are a constantly evolving project.  I used to stress about making a decision about where I planted things because I never wanted to move them again.  On a tree you had probably consider carefully where planting, but most generally you can move things about if they are not working for you or if your plans and designs change.  We have not been in this house very long in terms of gardening  years.  I have had seven seasons and have changed and expanded my gardens every year.  However, this year is the first year that we have no remodeling projects going on in our home.  The construction is officially finished and now we can spend our time doing things that we want to for our home and family instead of the have to list.  What a delight that is!  So I am devoting a bit of time to the property around our home.  I am excited to watch as my gardens grow and evolve over the years!  For me this is the joy of gardening, that and sharing bounty from the garden whether it is food or flowers with others!

 This photo is of poor quality and I apologize,
I recently brought this little quilt home.  My husbands Grandmother passed away last fall.  There is nothing I can say to accurately put into words how wonderful Grandma was.  Once you met her she was your Grandma too.  I knew Grandma most of my entire life and loved her and still love her with all my heart.  When our oldest daughter was born I transitioned from sewing to quilting and this is one of the first quilts I made.  It is very humble and filled with flaws but to Grandma she saw it as perfect, just as she saw each and every one of us. 

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