Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Cheesecake Bites

Today was bake sale day at the children's school.  The children love little cheesecake's.  Our nephew and I were sampling cheesecakes a few days back and he told me that he really liked the cheesecake with no "stuff" on it (New York Style).  So this week instead of topping them with cherry's I decided to top them with fall sprinkles.  They were a huge success and I'm so glad the children enjoyed them :)

I use a boxed cheesecake from the supermarket due to the amount of time I had before the sale.  I mix the crust and spoon about a serving spoon's amount into cupcake wrappers.
 I then use a 1/4 measuring cup and press down the graham cracker crust mixture.
After adding the cheesecake mixture I sprinkled fall sprinkles over the top and your done!  These would be great to take with you anywhere and if I had more time would have made traditional New York Style cheesecake and baked individual cups.  Yum :)


Donna said...

Cute! I make pumpkin whoopie pies each for Zach's Boy Scout Halloween party.

prairieharmony said...

That sounds delicious! I had my first Whoopie pie last week it was really good and I am looking forward to making some at home :)